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The Royal Canadian Military Institute was founded as the Canadian Military Institute on January 14, 1890.General Sir William Dillon Otter set the founding principles "to provide in an Institute for the defence forces of Canada a Library, museum and club for the purposes of the promotion of military art, science and literature, to gather and preserve the records of the defence forces, and develop its specialized field in Canadian history." The headquarters was expanded in 1912; expanded in 1935; and renovated in 1960s.He is just asking for some insight, we are not here to convert you to our ways.

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I just want to have people I can chat with about it, find out what its like from many differant people for everyone comes out with a differant experiance and opinions on things from what i'm told.

Also so when I am sent to basic training maybe perhaps through here I might already meet someone who will be there with me so I am not just some guy from campbell river who doesn't know anything or anything.

I am 19 years old in campbell river BC, canada and i've just recently gone through the last of my testing to join reg force in the canadian army.

I am simply posting to see if I can find anyone who either has just recently gone through the same stuff or is already in the military just recently or for a long while.

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