Consolidating email accounts

Business Cash flow Finance Gets You The Cash Flow You Need, When You Need It Unpaid client invoices can put a lot of pressure on the inbound cash flow of your business.

A Google Apps for Business account serves as the backbone of my email setup. The account offers 30GB of storage, the search cannot be beat and—if you’re a fan of their interface—the keyboard shortcuts are fantastic. First things first, choose an email address you plan on having for a very long time.

Because the data and changes are consolidated in a central, secure database, you instantly arrive at a single version of the truth not easily attained using spreadsheets.

The application automatically handles exchange gains and losses, whilst generating consolidation adjustments such as a minority interests, joint ventures, intercompany balances and inter group trading and recharges.

Visit your local BB&T financial center to speak with a friendly, experienced BB&T lending specialist about finding a debt consolidation loan with rates and terms that meet your needs.

Or, if you're thinking about using a home you own (or other real estate) as collateral, a BB&T Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit may be right for you.

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