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Note: This article talks about the Core Data (via Magical Record) so I’m assuming that you are already familiar with it or at least you know the basics.

If this it is not the case you can find very good tutorials on the Tim Roadely’s blog or on the Ray Wenderlich’s blog.

He summarizes his basic stance by saying that Core Data should be properly considered and handled as an object graph which also happens to allow to persist the objects it manages.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a singleton class, you can read about it here: Wikipedia Singleton Pattern.This is what you should have now: Now we’re going to add some entities to our data model to be able to test our update listener.Go ahead and select the property is to enable and disable the logging of updates to the console. The Property Names part defines the default values for the properties.However, if one member makes changes to the store, they are not picked up automatically by the others.If one member is doing work in the background (for example, getting updates from a Bluetooth peripheral or performing network activity) then this can cause a problem if another member is also running.As Bart notices, batch updates bypass Core Data context manager altogether, so another step that is required is "faulting" all of the objects in your current context managers to make them refresh their values: Bypassing the context manager also has another consequence: no validation is performed on data written to the persistent store in a batch update.So, the responsibility not to add invalid data is on the developer. Zarra has a rather critical approach to batch updates.Any references to existing managed objects will become invalid at that point, so fetch requests will need to be re-run, table views reloaded and so forth.The Darwin Notification Centre can be used with this approach since a simple indication of change is all that is required.App Groups were introduced in i OS 8 to allow data to be shared between separate processes running on an i OS device.An app group can have multiple members — one or more standard i OS apps, extensions or Watch apps.

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