Dads against daughters dating gun

Fathers will go to great lengths to see their children smile.As demonstrated by this heart-warming series of snaps, each one capturing the special bond between a single dad and his kids.

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I know what it’s like to have a father who thinks it’s his right to have complete control over his daughter’s romantic relationships, even after she reaches adulthood. Unfortunately, googling “Dads against Daughters Dating” in preparation for this post took me down a very disturbing rabbit trail. You may have seen a TV show where the first thing a man says when he finds out he’s having a daughter is “I better get a gun.” I know I have.

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The daughter of a narcissistic mother has been psychologically abandoned and abused since very early on in life.

Whether she was the golden child or the scapegoat (most likely the scapegoat), she was not given the tools to become an authentic individual.

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