Dating a tacoma cic guitar

The deal includes the brand names Tacoma, Olympia, Orpheum and Papoose, all of which likely will be kept in use, Fender spokesman Morgan Ringwald said.

It also includes the company's factory in Tacoma, which may be expanded in the future.

The Tacoma-based company turns out 7,000 to 10,000 guitars, mandolins and basses annually, said Julian Henslee, who until the purchase served as Tacoma Guitar's vice president of sales and marketing and now describes himself as "part of the sales and transition team." "We'll probably double our production," Henslee said.

"It will be great for the production staff and great for customers." The factory will also be used to turn out Guild guitars, a brand Fender bought in 1995.

If it just needed new strings, then there is still hope, but name-recognition alone doesn't make a good guitar.

It is tied for fifth or sixth place nationally in unit sales, after Martin, Taylor, Gibson and Fender, said Paul Majeski, publisher of Music Trades magazine.

The guitar has been professionally set up by us with a fresh pack of strings & low action, so it plays & sounds wonderful.

Neck: Flat, wide mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard & pearloid dot inlays.

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