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The cost of a £100 spend would be £102.95 (if the credit card bill was paid off), while a £100 cash withdrawal would cost £107.33.

Halifax's Clarity credit card is on the other end of the spectrum, and is the best payment method for all worldwide spending.

That meant the balance of their mortgage was reduced by free credit card money, effectively earning them a return equal to their mortgage rate of interest – but with the added blessing of no tax being payable on the benefit.

One “stoozer” boasted in 2005 that he was reducing his monthly mortgage bill by £300, thanks to his savvy use of zero per cent card borrowing.

____________________________________ - Money loopholes are included in our newsletter ____________________________________ That was then. On the upside, as the economy recovers, more credit cards are again offering attractive zero per cent deals and for longer periods.

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Worse still, all your statement shows is the exchange rate incorporating the load – thus hiding their stealth charge.

The “stoozer” scoured the market for the best credit card deals, such as the zero per cent introductory rates offered by providers to lure in new customers.

They then drew down this money and put it into the highest-paying deposit account they could find. So the reward for your efforts – all that annoying paperwork and diary-keeping – could be considerable.

However, after looking at prepaid cards it makes me wonder if the Lloyds card is the most suitable. The cash that I am taking may also have to be supplemented.

In fact, it is one of the worst credit cards for overseas spending, charging a 2.95pc load fee (on all spending) and 3pc cash withdrawal fee [see table below for more info].

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