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Our excavations, ongoing since 1994, have proved otherwise: we have uncovered more than 250 feet of two palisade wall lines, the east bulwark line, three cellars, a building—all part of the original triangular fort.In addition, we have unearthed more than a million artifacts, most dating to the first years of the English settlement in 1607-1610.Cedar Grove Cemetery S Henry Street All of the 129 Red Cedars in Cedar Grove Cemetery have been designated as Heritage Trees due to their cultural significance.Nominated by Heritage Tree Committee Designated 6.10.10 Governor’s Palace Green Palace & Spottswood Streets Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Historic Area The Catalpas along the Palace Green are Williamsburg's first street tree planting.Forget much of what you know about the Jamestown colony.

Discover artifact-filled exhibition galleries and take part in activities in outdoor living-history areas to learn about life in the 17th and 18th centuries. State Champion National Champion Nominated by Heritage Tree Committee Designated 6.10.10 Nelson-Galt House Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Historic Area This magnolia can be seen on aerial photographs prior to re-construction.It has been designated as a specimen tree due to its unique growth habit.By the time the Pilgrims reached Plymouth in 1620, much of the James River basin from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to within twenty miles of the site of modern Richmond had been settled by the English under the sponsorship of the Virginia Company.A group of men elected from the scattered settlements of Virginia met on Jamestown Island, the first expression of English representative government in North America.Explore a variety of ticket options to visit Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. June 15-August 15), except Christmas and New Year’s days.Of the two, haplogroup Q is much more prevalent, while haplogroup C is rare.Only some branches of both haplogroup Q and haplogroup C are Native American, with other branches of both haplogroups being Asian and European.Nominated by Heritage Tree Committee Designated 6.10.10 Market Square near St.George Tucker House Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Historic Area Designated as a specimen tree due to its size.

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