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However, simply asking the question may lead to a different solution. Cold Fusion 10 Update 11 (release date, July 9 2013) includes support for 64-bit COM interoperability, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and My SQL 5.6. It includes all the bug fixes from previous updates of Cold Fusion 10.Suitcase Fusion 6 continues down the path of slow-and-steady wins the race.At first glance, existing users will likely only see a slight interface update to look more at home with Mac OS X Yosemite. The only real ‘new’ feature (other than the interface upgrade mentioned above) is the Font Vault Archive and Restore.Go to the Suitcase Fusion 6 System Requirements page and verify that your computer meets or exceeds the Requirements that are listed.

It's a good idea to clean up your system fonts and font caches.

While competing font managers struggle to add “me-too” features, Suitcase Fusion has built upon its core font activation tools with features that professionals with large font collections and a love for typography can truly use and appreciate.

And rather than just throw frivolous features against the wall to see what sticks, Extensis has worked hard to only add the best ones, the most useful ones—and make sure they work as advertised.

This makes describing compatibility a little complicated.

Here are the steps for upgrading from Suitcase Fusion 3, 4, or 5 to version 6.

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