Updating using cursor oracle

Oracle uses cursors under the hood for the update and for selects, which is going a bit beyond what you're asking.

But no, you don't have to select the rows to be updated in a visible explicit or implicit cursor.

Since you can't list more than one table in the Oracle UPDATE statement, you can use the Oracle EXISTS clause.

Hi everyone, still playing around with newbie stuff here.

create table Employee( 2 ID VARCHAR2(4 BYTE) NOT NULL primary key, 3 First_Name VARCHAR2(10 BYTE), 4 Last_Name VARCHAR2(10 BYTE), 5 Start_Date DATE, 6 End_Date DATE, 7 Salary Number(8,2), 8 City VARCHAR2(10 BYTE), 9 Description VARCHAR2(15 BYTE) 10 ) 11 / Table created.

SQL select * from Employee 2 / ID FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME START_DAT END_DATE SALARY CITY DESCRIPTION ---- ---------- ---------- --------- --------- ---------- ---------- --------------- 01 Jason Martin 25-JUL-96 25-JUL-06 1234.56 Toronto Programmer 02 Alison Mathews 21-MAR-76 21-FEB-86 6661.78 Vancouver Tester 03 James Smith 12-DEC-78 15-MAR-90 6544.78 Vancouver Tester 04 Celia Rice 24-OCT-82 21-APR-99 2344.78 Vancouver Manager 05 Robert Black 15-JAN-84 08-AUG-98 2334.78 Vancouver Tester 06 Linda Green 30-JUL-87 04-JAN-96 4322.78 New York Tester 07 David Larry 31-DEC-90 12-FEB-98 7897.78 New York Manager 08 James Cat 17-SEP-96 15-APR-02 1232.78 Vancouver Tester 8 rows selected.

COUNT UPDATE profile SET quotopurdays = people_tab(bulk Num). WHERE personid = people_tab(bulk Num); COMMIT; Oracle will not allow a FORALL update to use a PL table of records in the update as above etc..

The Oracle UPDATE statement is used to update existing records in a table in an Oracle database.

There are 2 syntaxes for an update query in Oracle depending on whether you are performing a traditional update or updating one table with data from another table.

insert into book_info values('BOOK1', 'APUE', 'Richard Stevens', '/home/user1/unix_programming_books'); insert into book_info values('BOOK2', 'Unix Network programming', 'Richard Stevens', '/home/user1/unix_programming_books'); insert into book_info values('BOOK3', 'Core Python Applications Programming', 'Wesley J.

Chun', '/home/user1/python_programming_books'); EXEC SQL INCLUDE SQLCA; EXEC SQL INCLUDE ORACA; #define USER_LEN 10 #define PASS_LEN 10 VARCHAR user[USER_LEN]; VARCHAR pass[PASS_LEN]; #define STRCPY_TO_ORA(dest, source)\ = strlen(source);\ strcpy((char *)dest.arr, (const char *)source) #define STRCPY_FROM_ORA(dest, source)\ source.arr[source.len] = 0;\ strcpy((char *)dest,(const char *)source.arr) /* Connecting to the database */ int db_connection(char *db_user, char *db_pass) int book_not_found_function(char *path) int path_update_success_function(char *book_id, char *new_path) void other_function(void) /* Updating books path */ int books_path_updating(char *old_path, char *new_path) int main(int argc, char **argv) Connected to ORACLE as user:evariste BOOK_ID = BOOK1 Update book BOOK1 path to /home/user1/UNIX_PROGRAMMING_BOOKS BOOK_ID = BOOK2 Update book BOOK2 path to /home/user1/UNIX_PROGRAMMING_BOOKS No book found for this folder /home/user1/unix_programming_books // WHEY THIS?

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