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It seems tensions ran high between the two, because in 2008 TMZ reported that Ed had threatened to cut off Cindy's alimony payments, alleging that she wasn't making enough of an effort to be self supporting.Actor Ed Asner was born Edward David Asner on November 15, 1929, in Kansas City, Missouri.He eventually became the head of the WJM news department. For most of that period, Mary Richards served as his associate producer (later producer with he having the title of executive producer, though she reported to him), Ted Baxter as his news anchor and Murray Slaughter as his head writer.Of these relationships, the one with Richards was likely the closest.Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, he attended the local Wyandotte High School and graduated in 1948 before studying at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.Brought up in a Jewish community, he is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.He is not the most attractive of men physically, and is a chubby man from his young days.He is known for his wicked smile, baldhead and thick eyebrows that give the expression of him being angry, although he is not.

He offered her the job of associate producer, which paid less than the secretarial position for which she'd initially interviewed, but more than what he said was the going rate for full producers."It may have worked in the show, and it got a great laugh, a very great laugh, but in real life, I love spunk," he says. I am sure Lou would have called it a crock of shit." The two actors remained friends through the years and would have fun when they got together for show reunions, but they did not talk on a regular basis, says Asner."She was tremendously talented and funny and beautiful," says Asner, letting out a deep sigh. She know how to laugh at herself, she really knew." Asner will watch an episode of his series and laugh at his friends when they come on, but he does not "hunt" for them on TV.And she and I go on a date and we kiss and we end up laughing at each other, which signals close, but no cigar. That was nicely engineered." And as far as his most famous line from the series — "You've got spunk, Mary.I hate spunk" — that couldn't be further from the truth for Asner in reality.A spinoff series, entitled Lou Grant (1977–1982), was an hour-long serious dramatic series which frequently engaged in social commentary, featuring the character as city editor of the fictional Los Angeles Tribune.Although spin-offs are common on American television, Lou Grant remains one of a very few characters to have a leading role on both a popular comedy and a popular dramatic series. Trapper John Mc Intyre) He was the son of John Simpson Grant and Ellen Hammersmith Grant; his grandfather was a pharmacist."I left and she turned to them and said, ' Are you sure?!' They responded by saying, "That's your Lou Grant.'" Asner, who has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout his illustrious career, says every episode of was "a winner," but he has a few very favorites, such as the 1975 episode "Chuckles Bites the Dust." But the episode most near and dear to his heart is the 1977 episode "Lou Dates Mary." After taking a long pause, Asner begins, "I always thought, after years of doing the show, of conquering Mary to be my heartthrob, and they finally gave us our chance, the producers.Audiences adored his portrayal of the character, along with reviewers and peers as well.Asner was nominated for an Emmy Award seven times for his work on the show, winning the award three times—in 1971, 19. During its final episode, most members of the TV station's news staff were fired after new management took over.

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